gen_meredithSession I:
University Leadership in Advancing Planetary Health

Saturday, April 29th

Gen Meredith came to Cornell to help design and lead the new cross-campus and trans-disciplinary Master of Public Health program that has planetary health at its core. Prior to this, Gen spent eight years leading large international development projects with a focus on national public health systems development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, and four years doing the same with U.S. states. Gen’s work has centered primarily on institutional capacity development and growth, specifically related to integrated disease surveillance and response systems, government’s routine collection and use of data to inform action, and effective public health leadership and management infrastructure to support population health access and accountability.

“I see Planetary Health is a paradigm that helps us understand how our interactions with our environment ultimately impact our health (for good and for bad); what social, economic and demographic forces that lead to and shape these interactions; and how we can alter the current trajectory to ensure our health in the future. As a public health practitioner and educator, this paradigm gives me direction and hope for sustainable and accessible health for our future generations.”

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