aleksandrowicz-1Session III (Research Speed Talks):
Environmental Impacts of Shifting to Healthy Diets in India

Saturday, April 29th

Lukasz Aleksandrowicz is a PhD candidate at LSHTM, conducting research on environmentally sustainable diets, and also works with the Wellcome Trust’s Our Planet, Our Health programme. His research is interdisciplinary, combining nutrition, health, environment, and economics. Prior to this, he had worked on the Indian Million Death Study, developing novel tools for tracking “invisible” mortality in low-resource settings. He has a wide range of interests in public health, and has worked freelance on a variety of health and nutrition projects with MSF, WHO, LSHTM, and the Global Panel on Agricultural and Food Systems for Nutrition.

“As health and environmental systems are closely linked, it is time that our focus shifted to solving these challenges in a unified way. Moving forward, planetary health will be a critically important approach in promoting and addressing this need.”

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