natalia_linouPanel Discussion: Planetary Health as a Unifying Framework for Multilateral Organizations

Saturday, April 29th

Natalia Linou (Linos) is a policy specialist at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  She has worked in international development for the last decade, mostly with the United Nations in Beirut, Lebanon and at headquarters in New York. Her current role as part of UNDP’s HIV, health and development team is focused on the prevention of non-communicable diseases and on developing an emerging area of work for the organization at the nexus of public health, environmental sustainability and gender equality. She previously served as Science Advisor to the New York City Health Commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett and as a speechwriter for UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark. Natalia has a doctoral degree from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health in social epidemiology and an undergraduate degree in social anthropology from Harvard College. She is married and has one daughter, Amalia.

“My hope is that a planetary health approach can help bring advocates of environmental sustainability, social justice and health equity closer together. A strong and unified agenda can be powerful and is urgently needed given the risk of countries sliding back on previous commitments.”


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