MAY 29-31, 2018


Building on the successful inaugural Planetary Health Meeting in Boston, the goal of the second Planetary Health Annual Meeting in Edinburgh is to bring together new communities around the world to stimulate interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration towards ground-breaking solutions to major planetary health challenges. Our objective is to examine how the health impacts of various global environmental changes manifest in regional settings and to highlight emerging responses to planetary health issues. We aim to engage with researchers, policy makers, planners and local communities who experience these planetary health impacts to progress tailored policies built on action-focused research and innovations across sectors. Our expectation is that, through gathering a diverse group in-person and via small regional satellite sessions, we will expand the global reach and perspective of the planetary health community in pursuit of advancing planetary health solutions.

The Planetary Health Alliance, along with the University of Edinburgh, the American Geophysical Union, the Wellcome Trust, The Lancet CountdownThe Lancet Planetary Health, the International Development Research Centre, and Future Earth, is organizing the second Planetary Health Annual Meeting on May 29-June 1, 2018 in Edinburgh, UK. The meeting is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation through a grant to the Planetary Health Alliance. 

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Conference Principles
  • We aim to advance the science of planetary health from the global to the local scales, including understanding of threats to both human and ecosystem health and evidence-based strategies to prevent and reduce these threats;
  • We seek to reinforce the foundational values of planetary health, including respect for the value of both human and non-human life, the human rights of all people, and distributive and intergenerational justice;
  • We seek to model environmental responsibility in the way the meeting is conducted and serve as a model for future globally-connected meetings;
  • We seek to achieve broad representation of gender, race, age, geography, and disciplinary background of planetary health researchers and practitioners in attendance;
  • We will provide small grants to offset costs of attendance to support students and early career investigators who would otherwise be unable to attend, particularly those traveling from low income settings

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