The 2018 Planetary Health Annual Meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 29 to Thursday, May 31.

Preliminary schedule is as follows.

8:00-9:00 Registration Opens 
9:00-10:15 Welcome and Opening Keynote McEwan Hall, The University of Edinburgh
9:00-9:10 Welcome from the Planetary Health Alliance”  
Sam Myers
Director, Planetary Health Alliance
Principal Research Scientist, Planetary Health
Department of Environmental Health, Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health
9:10-9:20 Welcome from The University of Edinburgh”  
Liz Grant
Assistant Principal and Director, Global Health Academy, The University of Edinburgh 
9:25-9:45 Keynote Address”  
Elder François Paulette
Dënesųłiné Elder and member of the Smith’s Landing Treaty 8 First Nation
9:45-10:15 Keynote Address”
Ernesto Zedillo
Former President, Mexico
Chair, Rockefeller Economic Council on Planetary Health
10:15-11:00 Panel Discussion: A Set of Movements Converging Together — A Conversation through Multiple Lenses with One Overarching Goal 
TBD, with representatives from the fields of: Planetary Health, EcoHealth, One Health, Urban Health, Climate Change movements, SDGs, Gender and Equity, and Food Security and Agriculture
11:00-11:30 COFFEE & TEA BREAK Lobby
11:30 SESSION I: Food and Nutrition – Impacts of Environmental Change McEwan Hall
Moderator: Geoff Simm
Director, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security Assistant Principal, Global Agriculture and Food Security
The University of Edinburgh 
 11:45-11:55 EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems”
Brent Loken
Science Liaison Officer, EAT Stockholm
11:55-12:05 “Future Food Production Under Environmental Challenges”
Pauline Scheelbeek
Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
12:05-12:15 Planetary Boundaries of the Food System — Defining the Option Space”
Marco Springmann
James Martin Fellow, Oxford Martin School
12:15-12:25  Food Waste Reduction Innovation Project”
Komal Ahmad
Founder and CEO, COPIA
12:25-13:00 Q&A Session
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break  Lobby
14:00-15:30 SESSION II: Blue Planetary Health McEwan Hall
Moderator: Lora Fleming
Director, European Centre for Environment and Human Health
14:10-14:20 “Water Scarcity – Consequences of Climate Change”
Oyun Sanjaasuren
Chair, Global Water Partnership
 14:20-14:30 Sustainable Fisheries”
Jessica Gephart
Postdoctoral Fellow, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center
14:30-14:40 “Drinking Rainwater and Illness in Salinity-Affected Southwest Coastal Bangladesh”
Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Project Coordinator, icddr,b
14:40-14:50 “Water Quality Management — the effect of industrial effluents on human health: An Indian case study”
Priyanka Jamwal
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
14:50-15:00 Creative Solutions to Ocean Plastics”
Maria Westerbos
Founder & Director, Plastic Soup Foundation
15:00-15:30 Q&A Session
15:30-16:00 COFFEE/TEA BREAK  Lobby
16:00 SESSION III: Infectious Disease, Animals, Agriculture and Environmental Change  McEwan Hall
Moderator: Liz Baggs
Deputy Director, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security
The University of Edinburgh 
16:05-16:15 “Nitrogen and Planetary Health”
Dave Reay
Professor of Carbon Management and Education Assistant Principal, Global Environment and Society
The University of Edinburgh
16:15-16:30 “Environmental and Socioeconomic Drivers of Disease Risk”
Woutrina Smith
Co-Director of UC Global Health Center of Expertise on Planetary Health
Professor and Researcher Medicine & Epidemiology, UC Davis

Peter Msoffe
Professor, University of Dodoma, Tanzania
16:30-16:40 Agricultural Land Use and Infectious Disease Risks in South East Asia: A Systematic Review and Meta Analyses”
Hiral Shah
PhD Candidate, Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London
16:40-16:50 “From Genes to Geography: Integrating Approaches to Study Land Use Change and Hotspots of Malaria Transmission”
Benjamin Rice
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
16:50-17:15 Case Study: Madagascar & Plague”
Matt Bonds
Assistant Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Co-CEO and Co-Founder of PIVOT

Sandra Telfer

Senior Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen
17:15 Q&A Session
 19:30 Evening Reception  Dynamic Earth
Early morning Arthur’s seat walk/run
8:30-9:00 Review of previous day McEwan Hall
9:00-10:30 SESSION IV: Mental Health/NCDs Impacts of Environmental Change
Moderator: Jonathan Patz
Professor and Director, Global Health Institute
University of Wisconsin-Madison
 9:15-9:30 Lancet Commission on Air Pollution and Health- Conversation on Findings”
Phil Landrigan
Dean for Global Health, Professor and Chair of Preventive Medicine
Professor of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Richard Fuller
President and Founder, Pure Earth
 9:30-9:45 “The Global Burden of Ambient Air Pollution on Asthma”
Ruth Doherty
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, The University of Edinburgh
 9:45-10:00 “Impact of Cooking and the Opportunities for Cook Stoves on Health of Women and Infants in Bangalore”
Esther Boudewijns
Research Assistant, Maastricht University
 10:00-10:15 TBD
 10:15-10:30 “Mental Health and Climate Change in Oceania”
Tony Capon
inaugural Professor of Planetary Health, University of Sydney 
 10:30-11:00 COFFEE/TEA BREAK
11:00- 13:00 SESSION V: Solution Space: Economics/Governance/and Policy Solutions
11:00-11:15 “The Co-Benefits of Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change Preparedness: A Conversation Between Scottish Environment Protection Agency/Scottish Natural Heritage, Health Protection Scotland, and Scottish Public Health Agency”
Phil Mackie
Lead Consultant, Scottish Public Health Network
11:15-11:30 “Maori Concept of Kaitiakitanga and the Resource Management Act”
Stephen Bridgman
Chief Medical Officer, States of Guernsey
11:30- 11:45 “Consumption and Population: What Governments and NGOs Can Do”
Robert Engelman
Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute
 11:45-12:45 “A Panel Discussion on the Roles and Responsibilities of Global and National Agencies, Governments, and Partners”  
Mandeep Dhaliwal
Director, United Nations Development Programme on HIV, Health & Development Practice

Natalia Linou
Policy Specialist, United Nations Development Programme on Gender, Health, & HIV
Timothy Bouley

Climate and Health Specialist, World Bank

Kulsum Ahmed
Environmental Sustainability and Climate Expert and former Practice Manager, Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice, World Bank

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break  Lobby 
14:00-14:05 “Integrated and Interdisciplinary Modelling of Urban Systems Complexity for Sustainability and Health”
Nic Zimmerman
 14:05-14:10 “Strategic Research Partnerships to Build Capacities and Generate Scientific Data to Promote the Sustainable Use and Conservation of Brazilian Underutilized Species”
Daniela Moura de Oliveira Beltrame
National Project Coordinator – ‎Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Project (BFN)
 14:10-14:15 “The Urban Gold Mine”
Euan Doidge
PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh
 14:15-14:20 “Identification of Oceanic Hotspots for Production of the Neurotoxin BMAA”
 Carolin Löscher
Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark
 14:20-14:25  “BRIDGE Collaborative: Practitioner’s Guide on Cross-Sector Action Planning and Evidence Evaluation”
Katharine Kreis
Director of Strategic Initiatives, PATH
 14:25-14:30 “Fish Catch, Fisher Adaptations, and Fish Consumption in Cambodia’s Rice Field Fisheries: Implications for Climate Change”
Kathryn Fiorella
Lecturer, Program in Public Health, Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Cornell University
 14:30-14:35 “A Better Connection Between Climate Change, Migration, and Health”  
Annelise Depoux
Co-director, Centre Virchow-Villermé 
14:35-14:30 “Identifying the Synergistic Impacts of Climate and Pesticide Use on Pollinators and Food Systems”  
James Crall
Rockefeller Foundation Planetary Health Fellow, Planetary Health Alliance and Harvard University
14:30-15:00 COFFEE/TEA
15:00-16:00 Poster Session #1  
19:00 Evening Reception  National Museum
Early morning Arthur’s seat walk/run
8:30-9:00 Review Session
9:00-10:40 SESSION VII: Redesigning Space – Urban Design for Health McEwan Hall
9:05-9:20 “Health and Built Environment — Understanding the Links”
Michael Davies 
Professor of Building Physics and the Environment, University College London
 9:20-9:35 “How to Move from Health Risks of Cities to the Health Opportunities that Smart City Designs Offers”
Ana Diez Roux
Dean and Distinguished University Professor of Epidemiology, Drexel University
 9:35-9:50 “Urban Risk — Perspectives from Nairobi”
Kanyiva Muindi
Post-doctoral Research Scientist, APHRC
 9:50-10:05 “Development and Regeneration Services at Glasgow City Council”
Cathy Johnston
Group Manager, Glasgow City Council
10:05-10:20 “Water-Sensitive Revitalisation of Urban Informal Settlements in Fiji and Indonesia: Presentation of Progress from the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) Program
Rebekah Brown
Director, Monash Sustainable Development Institute
10:20-10:45 Q&A Session
10:45-11:15 COFFEE/TEA BREAK  Lobby
11:15-12:25 SESSION VIII: Solution space – Different Economics and Economies Solve Planetary Health Problems McEwan Hall
Moderator: Sam Bickersteth 
CEO, Climate and Development Knowledge Network 
 11:20-11:35 “A Snapshot of Businesses Who are Leading with Novel Approaches to an Alternative Economy and Health”
Katherine Trebeck 
Senior Researcher, Oxfam Research Team
 11:35-11:50 “Waste Management for a Better World”
Robert McQuillan
Biomass Director, Lafarge Holcim Geocycle 
 11:50-12:25 Q&A
 12:25-13:30 Lunch  Lobby
 13:30-15:15 SESSION IX: Solution space – Faith Traditions, Indigenous Voices, and the Arts: Rethinking our Place in the World McEwan Hall
 13:30-13:45 “Lessons on Planetary Health from Ancient and Modern Sacred Scriptures and Community Voices”
 13:45-14:00 “The Pontifical Academy Responses to the Planet”
Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo
Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences
 14:00-14:15 “Planetary Health in the Arts”
Reiko Goto
Environmental artist
 14:15-15:15 “Panel Discussion with Faith Leaders- Response to Planetary Health”
15:15-15:30 Closing Reflections: Indigenous Voices and Social Justice
Kerry Arabena
President, EcoHealth
Director, Indigenous Health Equity Unit, the University of Melbourne
 15:30-15:45 Commitment and Call to Action
Richard Horton
Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet
15:45 Poster Session #2

All morning side sessions will take place from 8:30-12:00. Please only register for one event.

Development of “Planetary Health Watch”: Towards an integrated system to monitor health and global environmental changes

Making climate change and sustainability relevant to health professionals using innovative pedagogical approaches: A hands-on practical workshop

Scientific publishing at the interface between the earth systems and human health

Your planet needs you – a proposal for action research project between the textile industry and Planetary Boundaries framework


All afternoon side sessions will take place from 13:30-17:00. Please only register for one event.

Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network

BRIDGE Collaborative

Leadership and Influence: Advocacy skills for policy engagement in planetary health 


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