Call for Program Proposals

The submission period has closed. Please stay tuned for the call for abstracts.


We want the Annual Meeting agenda to reflect the interests of the broad planetary health community. We are calling for proposals for three types of programming: I. plenary panels, II. skills workshops, and III. satellite sessions.

I. Plenary panels:
Core to the conference will be a series of four to six plenary panels that each take a case-study approach to one planetary health problem, highlighting the multiple forces that interact within complex systems – physical, biological, ecological, and human (social, economic and political). Each panel will first establish the scientific evidence base connecting human health to one or more environmental drivers underlying the chosen problem, then offer assessment of the multiple interacting levels of the problem, and finally explore how the private sector, NGOs and governments can leverage this framing to effect action. Examples of both successful and unsuccessful action are encouraged.

A panel proposal should include a title and a 250-word description of how you would present a planetary health problem following the story arc above with four succinct compelling short oral presentations that open a broader discussion. Please include a potential title as well as speaker suggestions for each of the four short oral presentations of the panel to help us understand your vision. Some proposals may be also considered for other conference programming.

II. Skills workshops:
The conference’s final day will open with at least four 2.5-hour interactive workshops to build cross-cutting skills necessary for effectively addressing planetary health problems. These might focus on leadership, communications, advocacy, fundraising or other topics. Each workshop should define key learning outcomes, pedagogy and format and embrace participants from multiple sectors. Proposals should offer a title and a 250-word description that covers the workshop’s purpose, leaders’ approach and experience, and skills participants can hope to gain.

III. Satellite sessions:
On September 4, there may be opportunities for satellite sessions organized by partner organizations. We are open to ideas. Please submit a 250-word proposal outlining your plans and purpose.