Carolin Löscher

Carolin Löscher.jpgSESSION V: Lightning Sessions on New Ideas in Planetary Health
Identification of Oceanic Hotspots for Production of the Neurotoxin BMAA

Wednesday, May 30th

Carolin Löscher is a Junior Professor of Geobiology at the Danish Institute for Advanced Study, and the Nordic Center for Earth Evolution at the University of Southern Denmark. Her research is focused on understanding and reconstructing the relationship between environmental change and biological evolution. The general theme linking her research projects is the impact of extremes of productivity and oxygen distribution, and the transition between qualitatively different nutrient-limitation states. Carolin studied biology and marine sciences in Berlin, Kiel and Bremen, and holds a PhD from the University of Kiel. She was a Postdoc at the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research- GEOMAR, organized several research cruises and led various projects on Ocean acidification and deoxygenation. Over the last years, she received a Marie Curie fellowship from the European Union, a young investigator start-up grant, and several grants for individual projects focusing on climate change-related challenges of the Ocean as an ecosystem.

While her earlier studies were mostly centered around resolving patterns of nitrogen cycle processes and primary production in the modern Ocean, her current research is focused on biomarker identification and simplistic modeling of those processes in order to resolve major biogeochemical and ecological response patterns to climate change from the distant past to the future Ocean. A specific focus is to understand Gaian feedback cycles, their limitations in the modern Ocean, and through Earth history.

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