Children’s Parliament

UN Children Human Rights Defenders

“The ‘how’ of Planetary Health — challenges from children”

Wednesday, May 30th

The Children’s Parliament builds relationships that allow children the opportunity to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings; so that their concerns and opinions can be listened to and included in our social and political landscape.

This is done in two ways.  Firstly by working directly with children through projects and consultations and secondly by educating and equipping adults with knowledge and skills in order that they can replicate Children’s Parliament’s approach in their own locations.

At the root of all the work of the Children’s Parliament work is a commitment to increasing children and adults’ knowledge and understanding of children’s human rights with the aim of ensuring that the confident voices of children – and the good listening skills of adults –  help to keep children healthy, happy and safe. The wealth of experience and creative techniques Children’s Parliament offers allows the child’s voice to develop.  Gaining a clearer understanding of children’s ideas and thoughts is beneficial for life at home, at school and in the wider world and the Children’s Parliament approach allows for more natural and honest reactions and feedback from children.

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