Daniela Moura de Oliveira Beltrame

Daniela Moura de Oliveira Beltrame .jpgSESSION V: Lightning Sessions on New Ideas in Planetary Health
Strategic Research Partnerships to Build Capacities and Generate Scientific Data to Promote the Sustainable Use and Conservation of Brazilian Underutilized Species
Wednesday, May 30th

Daniela holds a BSc in Nutrition from the Federal University of Viçosa, an MSc and a PhD in Nutrition (Food Science) from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Her graduate studies focused on the assessment of food composition, bioactive properties, and bioavailability of compounds from native species from Brazilian biodiversity.

Daniela is currently the National Coordinator for the “Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition” (BFN) project in Brazil, providing primary support for its implementation and serving as the overall manager of activities in Brazil. The Project is executed by Bioversity International in Brazil, Turkey, Kenya and Sri Lanka, with implementation support from FAO and UN Environment and aims to “strengthen the conservation and sustainable management of agricultural biodiversity through mainstreaming into national and global nutrition, food and livelihood security strategies and programmes”

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