Dave Reay

Dave Reay.jpgSESSION III: Infectious Disease, Animals, Agriculture and Environmental Change
Nitrogen and Planetary Health– Why This Matters

Tuesday, May 29th

Professor Dave Reay is Chair in Carbon Management & Education at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked on climate change for over 20 years. His research has taken him from stormy seas in the Southern Ocean to evil-smelling Scottish ditches. He has so far authored over 100 articles and 5 books on climate change. His latest book, due out in early 2019, addresses ‘Climate-smart Food’. Dave’s research focusses on the interactions between climate, food and land use. He is a lead author of the European Nitrogen Assessment and directs Edinburgh’s involvement in UK-South Asia collaborations on tackling nitrogen use and management. He enjoys running (on an annual basis), Test Match Special, and writing stories for his daughters.

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