Harriet Harris

HarrietHarris (1).jpgSESSION IV: SOLUTION SPACE – Faith Traditions, Indigenous Voices, and the Arts: Rethinking Our Place in the World

 Wednesday, May 30th

Harriet Harris is the University Chaplain and Head of the Chaplaincy Service. Harriet leads a large Multi-faith and Humanist Chaplaincy team providing a wide-ranging service to students and staff.  She has led a series of University wide practices including: “What’s the University for?”; “Secular-Religious conversations”; “Learning the art of dying so that we can learn the art of living”; “‘Women and religious Authority’” and “What values are we living by?”. She is a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC), and Convenor of the Doctrine Committee of the SEC, which involves overseeing publications on Relationships and Human Intimacy, The Art of Dying Well, The Church and Scottish Identity, and Religion and Science.  She takes part in ecumenical and interfaith activities nationally and internationally, including the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Building Bridges dialogues between Muslims and Christians.

Harriet was formerly a University Lecturer in Theology, and continues to teach and write.  She is an Honorary Fellow of the Divinity School in Edinburgh.

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