We are thrilled to announce the

2021 Planetary Health Annual Meeting:

April 19-21, 2021

University of São Paulo, Brazil


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the University of São Paulo and Planetary Health Alliance are in the process of restructuring the 2021 Planetary Health Annual Meeting. Please do not book any travel at this time. We will announce new details soon!

Thank you to our 2019 PHAM!

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September 4-6, 2019

Stanford University, California

Planetary health is about ensuring that Earth is a healthy home for humanity. It is a movement to improve our stewardship of the planet, so that our legacy is an environment that improves human health rather than harming it.

In September, please join us for the seminal convening of leading researchers and policymakers in the emerging planetary health space. This is the only conference where the Planetary Health Alliance network of over 150 institutions from over 35 countries and other interested institutions and individuals consistently gather to showcase their groundbreaking work, gain insight into strategies to advance planetary health at their home institutions, and inspire and equip the next generation of scholars and practitioners to take on planetary health challenges.

The conference programming is targeted to be accessible to a broad swath of the planetary health community including, but not limited to: researchers, teachers, students, practitioners, policy-makers, community leaders, indigenous activists, and influencers who share a collective purpose of advancing planetary health across disciplines, sectors, and geographies. The 2019 Planetary Health Annual Meeting is slated to be truly a galvanizing and informative event for skills-building and collaboration.

Organized by the Planetary Health Alliance and Stanford University through its Woods Institute for the the Environment and the Center for Innovation in Global Health:

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 Thank you to our partners for supporting the 2019 Planetary Health Annual Meeting: 


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