James Crall

James Crall.jpgSESSION V: Lightning Sessions on New Ideas in Planetary Health
Identifying the synergistic impacts of climate and pesticide use on pollinators and food systems

Wednesday, May 30th

James Crall is a biologist, interested in how environmental change affects pollinators and the food systems they support.

James was recruited as a Rockefeller Foundation Planetary Health Fellow in November 2017. He earned his B.A. in Biology and Sociology & Anthropology at Swarthmore College and completed his Ph.D. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University in 2016, supervised by Dr. Naomi Pierce and Dr. Stacey Combes. His dissertation examined how bumblebee colonies cope with complex environmental challenges, both as individual workers and entire colonies.

As a Planetary Health Fellow, James is studying how pesticide exposure and other environmental stressors impact animal pollinators and human nutrition. He is developing techniques for automated tracking of social behavior in bees using tools adapted from neuroscience. These high-throughput techniques will allow for rapid and efficient screening of agrochemicals for detrimental effects on pollinators, and improve our understanding of how exposure to multiple stressors (such as pesticides and extreme temperatures) combines to impact the health of bees and the agricultural yields they support.

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