Katherine Trebeck

Katherine Trebeck.jpgSESSION VI: Solution Space: Economics/Governance/and Policy Solutions
A Panel Discussion
SESSION VII: Economic and Business Solutions to Planetary Health Problems
A Panel Discussion
Wednesday, May 30th; Thursday, May 31st

Katherine is Research Director for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. She has over eight years experience in various roles with Oxfam GB. Katherine was part of instigating the group of wellbeing economy governments; developed Oxfam’s Humankind Index; and led Oxfam’s work on a ‘human economy’. She is on the advisory board for the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (University of Surrey); the Living Well Within Limits project (University of Leeds); A Good Life for All Within Planetary Boundaries (University of Leeds); and the Economic Democracy Index project (University of Glasgow). Katherine has a PhD in Political Science from the Australian National University and is Honorary Professor at the University of the West of Scotland and Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde. Her forthcoming book The Economics of Arrival: Ideas for a Grown Up Economy (co-authored with Jeremy Williams and published by Policy Press) is due out in early 2019.

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