Matt Bonds

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SESSION III: Infectious Disease, Animals, Agriculture and Environmental Change
A Focus on Madagascar– Why Plague?

Tuesday, May 29th

Matthew Bonds has a PhD in economics and a PhD in ecology from the University of Georgia. He joined the Harvard Medical School faculty after a postdoctoral fellowship in sustainable development under the mentorship of Jeffrey Sachs at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. His research explores relationships among ecology, infectious diseases, and economic development, with an applied focus on the role of healthcare in promoting economic growth in areas of extreme poverty. While developing formal theoretical frameworks, Dr. Bonds works with Partners In Health along with government bodies in Rwanda to measure the socioeconomic and health impacts of their health system. These efforts rely on a broad range of data and methods, including population and business survey data, geographic information systems, and mathematical and statistical modeling. This work is largely funded by: a Fogarty International Research Scientist Career Development Award (NIH); and a Population Health Implementation and Training grant to Partners In Health from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. He is now Co-Chief Executive Officer of PIVOT, which combines accessible and comprehensive health care services with rigorous scientific research to break cycles of poverty and disease in Madagascar.

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