Peter Msoffe

Peter Msoffe.jpgPanel Discussion: A Set of Movements Converging Together 
SESSION III: Infectious Disease, Animals, Agriculture and Environmental Change
Environmental and Socioeconomic Drivers of Disease Risk
Tuesday, May 29th

Peter Msoffe is a Professor of veterinary medicine with keen interests in health and productivity of animal resources skewed towards poultry. Having lived and grown within the rural areas of Northern Tanzania and experienced poverty and lack of interventions to animal health; Dr. Msoffe studied veterinary medicine aiming to work with the communities in Tanzania to better the health and production of animal resources. He went on to specialize in poultry health and production where he investigated phenotypes, including immunocompetence and natural disease resistance, in local chicken ecotypes of Tanzania.  The position of local poultry resources in Tanzania presented Dr. Msoffe with an opportunity to work closely with the local communities through various extension programmes. Dr. Msoffe is an ardent adult trainer having conducted local and international training particularly on issues of global health and zoonoses connected to poultry. Dr. Msoffe has co-authored several papers in international peer reviewed journals on various veterinary and human development topics. He taught veterinary medicine at the Sokoine University of Agriculture for over 11 years before moving into academic management. Currently he is the Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for Academic, Research and Consultancy at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania.

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