Priyanka Jamwal 

Priyanka Jamwal.jpgSESSION VIII: Blue Planetary Health
Water Quality Management — the effect of industrial effluents on human health: An Indian case study 

Thursday, May 31st

Priyanka Jamwal is a doctorate in Environmental Engineering and Management. She broadly works in the area of water resource management with a focus on water quality. Her recent work on the fate of trace metals and nutrients in the urban hydrological systems has identified gaps in the current water quality regulatory frameworks prevalent in India. She has made significant contributions in the field of environmental pollution and human health risk assessment. Her work also focuses on understanding the groundwater sanitation nexus in the peri-urban spaces which lack piped water supply and centralised sanitation infrastructures. She collaborates with the social scientists to understand the factors that drive humans to interact with an environment in a certain way which has a negative impact on the water resources.

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