Reiko Goto Collins

Reiko Goto.jpgSESSION IV: Solution space – Faith Traditions, Indigenous Voices, and the Arts: Rethinking our Place in the World
Planetary Health and the Arts

Wednesday, May 30th

Reiko Goto Collins has been living and working in the US and UK. Her creative inquiry is based on empathic relationships with more-than-humans, pursued within a social and environmental art practice. She is a principle of the Collins & Goto Studio in Glasgow. She completed a PhD at Robert Gordon University. She is also a distinguished research fellow at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University. Over the past twenty years Reiko Goto Collins has been working with her partner Tim Collins, to develop long-term social and environmental projects that deal with: post-industrial public space Nine Mile Run Greenway Project(1997-2000) and 3 Rivers 2ndNature(2000-2005); work focused on empathic relationship with trees and the environment Plein Air  is(2008-2018); and the cultural meaning of semi-natural ancient forest (Future Forest (2013-present). Outputs include artworks, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and publications that embrace an arts-led dialogue method of research and theory informed public practice (praxis.) They have worked with communities, scientists and technologists as well as historians and philosophers to realize work to date. 

Currently Goto Collins is focused on the development of new work dealing with empathic relationships, sentience through collaboration with The Darkness aka An Dorchadas, a domestic horse from the British Isles. She is also a participant in a series of workshop called Living organisms and their choices at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh scheduled for and 2019. She will create an exhibition arising out of the workshop discussions. Plans are underway to exhibit a touring version of Plein Air, a sculptural interface that translates a tree’s response to atmospheric change to sound in the USA in 2019. 




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