Ruth Doherty

Ruth Doherty.jpgSESSION II: Mental Health/NCDs Impacts of Environmental Change
The Global Burden of Ambient Air Pollution on Asthma

Tuesday, May 29th

Ruth Doherty is a Professor in Atmospheric Sciences in the School of GeoSciences. Her research interests lie in the areas of modelling global, regional and urban-scale air pollution and its impacts on human health and in climate-chemistry interactions and how these are influenced by climate change and climate variability.

She has 20 years’ experience in modelling atmospheric chemistry and climate at global, regional and urban scales and linking to health effects, authoring over 80 papers. She currently leads research on the following projects: “CureAir” (NERC) which quantifies regional and local influences on London air quality, and on “Climate Air Quality services for China” (UK Net Office/Newton Fund). She is a Co-I for two consortium projects addressing air pollution process modelling and health effects funded under the NERC-Newton Fund “Atmospheric Pollution & Human Health in a Developing Megacity” programme that brings together scientists from the UK and China for two major field campaigns in Beijing. Her major contribution has been to understand regional and local influences on local air quality, and to investigate how the environment influences human health. Internationally, she is a member of the UNECE Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (TF-HTAP), and leads their climate change research programme, as well as contributing to modelling and health impacts research. She is also a Lead author for international IGAC Tropospheric Ozone assessment Report (TOAR) on the “health metrics” chapter.

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