Sandra Telfer

Sandra Telfer.jpg

SESSION III: Infectious Disease, Animals, Agriculture and Environmental Change
A Focus on Madagascar– Why Plague?

Tuesday, May 29th

Sandra Telfer holds a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Science at the University of Aberdeen. She studied ecology at the Universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen, before working as a researcher and fellow at the University of Liverpool. She moved to the University of Aberdeen in 2009.

Sandra Tefler’s research focuses on host-pathogen interactions, the dynamics of disease in fragmented populations, landscape epidemiology and the threat posed to animal and human populations by disease. She believes that combining ecological studies with analyses of host and pathogen genetic variability has considerable potential for understanding disease transmission processes. Currently, Sandra Tefler is investigating plague epidemiology in Madagascar, and  how the disease manages to persist and spread within a reservoir that typically dies following infection. The project integrates field studies and genetic analyses of host, vector and pathogen with epidemiological modelling.

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