Satellite Sessions

Higher Education for a Healthy Future: Creating a Competency Framework for Planetary Health Education

This hands-on workshop is part of a larger project attempting to create the first common interprofessional planetary health competency framework, and establish a common understanding of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are unique to planetary health. The framework will guide the creation of a diverse spectrum of educational programs that are relevant to planetary health and steer the design of learning and assessment resources in planetary health education.

Organized by Dr. Carlos Faerron, Interamerican Center for Global Health. including co-facilitators Jonathan Patz, M.D., MPH, and Teddie Potter PhD, RN, FAAN

Building a Planetary Health Regional Hub

As momentum in planetary health continues to build around the world, Planetary Health Alliance members have increasingly expressed interest in expanding regional collaborations, assessing local manifestations of planetary health challenges and sharing them with the broader global community, and applying planetary health research to local policy, on-the-ground interventions, and public outreach efforts. To this end, the PHA is committed to helping facilitate the emergence of planetary health regional hubs around the world and better streamline an expansive global network of institutions dedicated to understanding and addressing the linkages between global environmental change and its impacts on our health and wellbeing. This session, led by Sandeep Maharaj of the University of the West Indies, will showcase emerging planetary health regional hubs in the Caribbean, Latin America, and East Africa and allow participants the opportunity to brainstorm about ways to build their own efforts.

Organized by Dr. Sandeep Maharaj, The University of the West Indies
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