Speaker Ambassador Program

The Speaker Ambassador Program is designed to provide students and emerging planetary health leaders with an opportunity to engage and interact with speakers during the 2019 Planetary Health Annual Meeting. The program is designed to provide a platform for mentorship, discussion and learning between interested ambassadors and their speaker counterparts. Registered students and emerging leaders are matched with a speaker based off of availability and shared interests within planetary health.

Program guidelines for students are outlined below:
Introduce yourself to your speaker at breakfast/registration on Day 1 of the meeting. If you are arriving late, arrange a time to meet with your speaker, as soon as possible after you arrive. Use this opportunity to ask your speaker about their background, their path, and their work. You can use this information to assist you in writing blog and social media posts later.
Assist your speaker with logistics, technical assistance for their presentation, etc. Ask your speaker what they need or want help with and provide support as best you can. If your speaker needs something that you cannot assist with, please seek out a Planetary Health Alliance representative for help.
Post on social media, highlighting your speaker’s talk at the annual meeting and tagging
(#planetaryhealth2019 and @ph_alliance)
Write a blog post about your speaker’s work that will be featured on the Planetary Health Alliance and Planetary Health Annual Meeting websites. Blog posts should be a few paragraphs long and should consist of an introduction, including your speaker’s relevant education, experiences, and the events that have led to their current position. The bulk of the blog should detail your speaker’s current work, its importance, and any recommendations they might have for readers. Pictures are encouraged!
Conduct yourself with professionalism throughout the event: remember that your actions are a reflection of yourself, your institutions, and the Planetary Health Alliance.
Attend an optional mentorship lunch on Thursday, September 5th (details below).

Questions? Email erikaveidis@g.harvard.edu.

Mentorship Lunch

When: Thursday, September 5, 12:30-1:40pm
Where: Frances C. Arrillaga Alumi Center, 326 Galvez St, Stanford, CA

This is an opportunity to network and engage in deeper discussions about major planetary health questions and challenges. Open to all speakers, students, and next generation leaders, particularly those participating in the Speaker Ambassador Program.

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