Timothy Bouley

Tim BouleySESSION VI: Solution Space: Economics/Governance/and Policy Solutions
A Panel Discussion on the Roles and Responsibilities of Global and National Agencies, Governments, and Partners

Wednesday, May 30th

Timothy founded and currently leads the climate change and health program at the World Bank. Since 2015, the program has increased the share of WB climate-sensitive health lending by 29%, corresponding to more than $1bn in finance for 2018. He was also a founding member of the global ocean team, One Health team, and several programs to initiate improved development project uptake of satellite remote sensing, earth observation, and data science.  Trained as a medical doctor and environmental scientist, he previously worked with the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board of the US National Academy of Sciences, with the World Health Organization’s climate change and health cluster, and in health systems throughout LIC and LMICs. He sits on a number of advisory bodies for organizations addressing climate change, health, or oceans in academia, civil society, finance, and tech.  He holds degrees in biology, bioethics, geography, and medicine from Tufts, Harvard, Oxford, and Duke. 

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